We love it when things work.
That's why we create big and small websites in WordPress.

Why choose our WordPress?

Why choose our WordPress?

for customers

Try refreshing our website. Our Wordpress is fast, isn't it?

for you

Anyone can easily edit their website, or add a new article or product.

and secure

Focus on your work, not on your web. We will constantly monitor it on your behalf.

It powers
one third of the internet

WordPress is used by 35% of websites in the world. They have chosen it because it works.

What do we do?

Home pages

New product or press release?
What you will appreciate about your home page, which will accompany you for years, is easy administration of its content.


Every third online store in the world is powered by WordPress and its extension, WooCommerce, which transforms it into a proper online store.

Real estate

Housing or offices?
The online home for the biggest real estate projects in Slovakia and for projects in London and Berlin is built by us.

Blogs and magazines

WordPress is used by large media companies in the world and in Slovakia. And it works equally well for simple blogs.

Campaign websites

Catch your customers' attention with an entertaining game, or amaze them with a video or animations on a new landing page for your product or event.

Theme installation

Would you like to save money and use a ready-made theme purchased from Themeforest? We will professionally install it for you and adapt it to your requirements.


Real estate


We have created a presentation website with a private zone connected to a CRM client for the most lucrative modern neighbourhood in Bratislava.


Blogs and magazines

Generali Balans

We have created a magazine focused on healthy lifestyle, exercise and vitality for the Generali insurance company.


Real estate

Bloom Clerkenwell

We have built a website, which includes integration of CRM and the Exponea system, for a new London administrative building near the famous St. Paul's Cathedral.


Real estate

Stanica Nivy

Thanks to our work, one of the biggest shopping centres in Slovakia now has a presentation website connected to social media, a lead capture, advanced web analysis and its own blog.



P1 Autocare

We have created a corporate presentation with a complete product portfolio for a car accessories producer from Great Britain.


Real estate


We designed a web with a lead capture, blog articles and connection to CRM for an administrative complex in Berlin. We have also implemented an advanced system for managing access to visitors' personal data.


Home pages


By creating a new website for one of the market leaders in financial services brokerage in Slovakia, we have helped the company not just to rebrand but also to make its services available to online customers.


Real estate


We have created a selling website connected to a CRM client with the possibility to obtain detailed information about each of the hundreds of apartments on offer for the biggest property development project in Trnava.


Real estate

20 Farringdon Street

For this 11-storey administrative building in London, we have designed a web connected to Mailchimp, and have also made advanced personal data management available to visitors, in full compliance with GDPR.


Campaign websites

4ka Wifi Sloboda

We have helped a mobile network operator to promote a new range of mobile phone deals through an online game where thousands of people competed to copy the highest number of passwords within a time limit.

Get a quotation

Tell us about your project and we will prepare a price quotation for you. If you prefer to meet in person or are interested in cooperating on a larger project, let's meet.